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Dear Lena - gents' feedback

My gents' feedback is directly depicted from my whatsapp chat, text and email messages. Whatsapp voice message feedback will be posted as transcript and not as audio clip to protect the gent's anonymity. Please click on picture to enlarge and see when it was sent.

Feedback 2015 - 2018

"I heard that the unrest in Paris is caused by you not being in the city all the time, is that true? I'm just a random dude who once spent an unforgettable time with you. I had the opportunity to beautify my eyes by looking into your face ... I was overwhelmed by your charming, loving, feminine personality ... and I was enriched by your enlightened, brilliant brain." December 2018

"Great mind, sweet soul and an amazing body." December 2018

"Loved seeing you today." November 2018

"Unsere Gespräche in der Bar des Hotels haben mir auch gut getan. Im Ganzen war es wieder toll mit dir!" November 2018

"I had a great time - thank you very much!" October 2018

"A delicious woman with a magic smile. Too charming and sensual. No way to resist!" July 2018

"Thank goodness you live in Paris. I had an incredible time. An oasis! You are magical. You made me feel like a king!" July 2018

"Merci Léna pour ce moment délicieux ou l'on était pas là pour rigoler!!" June 2018

"Danke Dir nochmals für den schönen Abend." June 2018

"Excellent session. Lena was very kind, and willing to satisfy all my requests... with a smile! True GFE, I totally forgot it was a date!" May 2018 

"Merci beaucoup Léna pour cette merveilleuse parenthèse. Tu est d'une douceur à tomber. A très bientôt!" April 2018 

"Thanks Lena. Nice moment. Keep in touch. Kiss." April 2018

"You are the best: amazing looks, professional and nice. I really like you." April 2018

"Merci bcp pour ce moment agréable." April 2018

"J'avais eu le plaisir de vous voir à Paris, dans un hôtel (...) fin septembre 2017. Nous avions passé 3h ensemble. Les meilleurs moments de ma vie ! :-) Vous aviez été remarquable de compréhension, gentillesse, patience, etc. (...) Du coup, je ne vous cache pas que j'aimerais réitérer notre rencontre." March 2018

"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!" March 2018

"Thank you very much for your company - very enjoyable!" January 2018

"Ich bin immer noch beseelt von Deinem Besuch und Deinen Berührungen. Schade, dass es schon so spät ist." January 2018

"I'm still flying after last night! Take care XxXxX" December 2017

"Es war wunderschön mit Dir!" December 2017

"Thank you. Great sex and a lovely chat afterwards. Cheers!" November 2017

"Hello Lena, That was a wonderful afternoon. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Get home safely." November 2017 

"Lena is a lovely lady, had a fantastic time, hope to see you again xxxx" October 2017

"Lena, it was so good hanging out with you. Made my day so much better. I hope we'll get together more often and spend some sexy time! Not only you're a good company but a great partner. Can't wait for next time!" September 2017

"Absolutely fantastic. What a conversationalist. Definite must visit when in Paris!" August 2017

"Merci encore pour ce délicieux moment. J'aimerais beaucoup vous revoir cette semaine." July 2017

"Hello, I had a date with you last February and it was an amazing time. Just wanted to say thank you!" June 2017

"Most pleasant evening with you & hope to see you again soon!" June 2017

"Danke für diesen Moment. Bises!" June 2017

"Thank you for a nice night! :)x" April 2017 

"Dear Lena, Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful time earlier this evening. I am sat enjoying dinner with a warm inner glow and a much relaxed shoulder! Take care and I will be in touch to arrange our next meeting in due course." March 2017

Thank you for a fun, sexy evening. Until next time xxxx" March 2017

"Thanks for everything. I really enjoyed your company. I can still smell your soft hair and taste your juice in my mouth. Have an excellent night." February 2017

"Thank you for a lovely time. I hope you enjoyed it too. You are a most elegant and sexy lady. xxx" February 2017

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed your company." February 2017 

"You been so nice thank you." January 2017

"Merci Lena c'était un vrai plaisir. A bientôt!" January 2017

"Bonjour Lena, Nous nous sommes rencontrés chez moi à Paris l'an dernier. J'avais beaucoup apprécié ce moment passé ensemble. J'aimerais vous revoir. Seriez-vous disponible ce soir pour un RDV ?" January 2017

"Thanks for yesterday. I had a great evening." December 2016

"Thank you for a great time." December 2016

"Thanks for the great time." November 2016

"You are a sexy, laid back girl, relaxed but curious, with a raunchy side that made you crawl under the covers and not just f*** but have sweeeeeeet sex and soak the sheets." October 2016

"Thanks for a very pleasant evening. Hope to see you again soon." October 2016 

"One very sexy lady." September 2016

"I wanted you to know that I greatly enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again." September 2016

"Lena, thank you for a wonderful evening. I hope you enjoyed our time together also. I am looking forward to my next time in Paris." August 2016

"In a way I am in love with you and shall surrender to it." August 2016

"Hi Lena, I hope you are well. I have just got back from x, all I needed over there was a visit from you! If you do come over, I would love to see you." July 2016 

"Lovely to meet you today, you're a lovely lady. Please let me know if you come to the UK, would be great to see you again." July 2016

"Thank you for the wonderful time last week. I will be in Paris again next month and hope you will still be there." June 2016

"Very nice and super sexy." March 2016

"Topissime!" January 2016

"You were amazing! Thank you and hope to see you next time in Paris." January 2016

"Lena je ne pourrais commencer ma nouvelle semaine revenu dans ma routine sans te remercier encore une fois pour m 'avoir permi de passer un beau anniversaire. Tout a été comme je le souhaitais, Berlin est une ville magnifique adapté pour passer fetes de Noel et j 'étais en compagnie d'une femme qui m'a séduit par sa beauté sa douceur et son esprit... Je regrette seulement de n 'avoir pas eu possibilité de passer un peu plus de temps avec toi." December 2015

"Very nice moment." October 2015

"Lena, Thanks for a most enjoyable time with you. I hope to see you again soon." September 2015

"Dear Lovely Wonderful Friend, Lena, I have been thinking of writing you for the past couple of days. I like to thank you soooooooooooooooo much for the wonderful hospitality you showed during my visit to Paris, La Nuit. Just don't forget that you are booked for the next reincarnation. I would love to see you soon. Have a nice week. Kisses and a Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Hug." 
September 2015

Feedback prior to 2015:

"Dear Lena, the unique three hours we have spent together will linger in my mind 
as one of the highlights of my trip to Paris. Thank you so much!"
- client from the US

"Lena, merci for this divine time."
- client from France

"Lena, it was wonderful to meet you again. It is one of those experiences that 
do not happen often enough, and leads to the anticipation of our next meeting. 
I'm at a loss for words, but a fellow countryman, also a visitor to Paris, wrote 
"…the hours after you are gone are so leaden, they will always start dragging…""
- client from Ireland citing Samuel Beckett

"Hi Lena, It was indeed a pleasure to meet you again after a few years and I 
was really delighted. I had a wonderful experience. I am sure you will have 
realised the same as we had to extend our meeting. Once again, as and when
 I am in Paris, meeting you is more of a compulsion and I would look forward 
to have an excuse to visit Paris again."
- repeat client from South Asia

"Had a great time, you are very sweet..."
- client from Paris

"Dear Lena, a woman like you should be married to a prince or a movie star. 
But you should thank the lord that I am not a movie star, otherwise I would 
be marrying you on the spot. Big Hug and have a lovely day."
- client from the Middle East

"Dear Lena, our meetings are very effective for me. The first positive point is 
that they are giving me positive energy. They are a motivation for me to continue 
here in Paris in my current job (which is a job that's important for the rest of my 
career). Secondly, you're making me think better of myself. You're assuring me 
with our meetings, believe it or not. I am becoming stronger mentally because of 
them -- because of you! My relationship with women in general has improved 
considerably. I am more confident with women now. BTW this is an effect that I 
never intended nor would have been able to foresee -- but it's very positive! The 
next point is that our meetings are teaching me to become more physical. Like you 
know, I am more an emotional guy and not so much physical -- I have always denied 
my physical side in fact. Our meetings are helping me to develop that side of me. 
next point is that you are teaching me a lot! Massages, love techniques, lasting 
longer. You've pointed out useful sexual health books to me. Really, I am learning 
a lot from you. And last but not least, our meetings are satisfying me. You are a 
beautiful and intelligent woman, it's a pleasure to talk to you and to know you. 
Being touched by you is marvellous. Your massages are so relaxing, and touching 
you is very good. Your body feels (and looks!) so young. What's your secret? (many 
women would die to know it!) So as you can see, there are many reasons for me to 
keep on seeing you on a regular basis. I really hope you keep on liking it too."
- regular client from Paris

"Great pleasure meeting you again. Most fulfilling as well as exciting, which
 is always the case with your 'consultations'."
- regular client from South Asia

"Dear Lena, as you know, your pleasure is mine. I want to give you all that is 
in my possibilities. I'm very interested to feel your sensuality and to explore it. 
Is it possible to add an hour? No problem for me. Thousand kisses."
- French repeat client

"Hello Lena, I am not sure if you remember me. Whenever I come to Paris, 
I cannot resist the desire to open your website, view your pictures, and recall 
that night one year ago, when you gave me my first ... amazing experience. At 
the beginning I was so nervous and worried, but also so excited. When you 
entered my room I felt somewhat blocked. I didn't know what to do, but you 
already knew how to make me feel at ease. You made me relax on my bed. 
You took away my clothes, except for my shorts. You started massaging my 
back, then my legs. I was feeling my excitement growing and growing. But at 
the same time I started feeling more relaxed. Then you slowly made me turn 
towards you, and I wanted to start undressing you. But then you asked me to 
lie back down and relax, and you removed my shorts. What you did then was 
so exciting for me. I completely enjoyed your magic touch on me the whole 
time you stayed. It was wonderful, and I often think that I would really love to 
meet you again and undress you completely. I would like to massage your body 
with all my desire, and touch you everywhere, and finally give you with my 
mouth the same sensations you gave to me. I thought of you so many times, 
thinking what other games and pleasures we could exchange. I will be in Paris 
again next week. Same hotel as last time. If you are available, and you are ok in 
meeting me again, it would be nice to spend some more time together."
- client from Southern Europe

"Hi Lena, it was sheer pleasure! I am sorry I lacked the needed energy 
to take it to the next higher level! Travel for too long does tire me out. 
Warmest regards …"
- repeat client from South Asia

"Lena, Hello. This is Brendan. We met in Paris in January, and had some 
wonderful fun in my hotel room. I find myself in Paris again, and I was 
wondering if you might be available Tuesday night."
- client from the US (name changed)

"Lena, Thank you again for a lovely evening. Cheers …"
- regular client from Paris

"Bonjour Lena, naughty boy has arrived in Paris and is eager to meet again. Call me!"
- repeat client from Western Europe

"Hi Lena, It was a very pleasant rendezvous. :) Thank you so much for the 
material it is really helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday. 
Till then take care and do have fun."
- client from Central Asia overcoming rapid ejaculation issues with a little help from me

"Hi Lena, It was a pleasure talking to you. I am glad we can talk about your 
recent reading interests while in the 'consultation'! I as keenly look forward 
to that as to the classic dress you have always brought to wear during the 
previous 'consultations'. I do expect to be back in my chamber before 9:30 pm."
- repeat client from South Asia

"Thanks again for a great time. You are a very interesting person and I'm really 
glad I met you."
- client from the US

"Lena, Hi! This is Leon. We met in Paris in November. We had a great night 
together in my hotel room. I hope you remember. I do, as you helped introduce 
me to some new forms of erotic enjoyment. I will be in Paris again next week 
with evenings open on Tuesday and Thursday. Any chance that you would be 
available to meet again? I am interested in further exploring some of the wonderful 
techniques that you have for our mutual pleasure. Your guidance would be greatly
- client from the US interested in learning ejaculation control techniques (name changed)

"Lena: What a fantastic time! Thank you for your warmth, your class and for 
as wonderful a time together as two people can have. Truly an experience I will 
never forget! You made each moment of our day and night very special ..."
- client from the US after an overnight stay

"Lena, I have to say thanks again for last weekend, it was truly magnificent. 
I thought the last time was perfect, but it just keeps getting better (and I'm 
already looking forward to my next visit to Paris). I can't envisage going to 
Paris and not seeing you! It would be like going there and finding the Louvre 
was shut! I think next time I'll contact you before making any travel arrangements! 
Reading the comments on your web page, all I can say is that everything is true. 
Thanks again."
- Irish client after our second rendezvous

"Dear Lena, I want to say again how I appreciated to be with you that afternoon: 
It was a very good meeting not only about sensuality where our mutual exchange 
was soft as I like it and where I felt you well received my deep caress, but also 
about our very interesting conversation with a mutual understanding about the 
way to see life and its realities. After your departure, I was well and truly in the 
clouds. I'll be glad to meet you again (with less stress!). I keep the means to do that."
- French client after our first rendezvous

"Hi Lena, Here are some confidences... I was very pleased with our meeting, 
what a pleasure to see your beautiful face. You studied female sexuality, but 
about male sexuality I can tell you that I love to feel your hands on my buttocks 
and on my head when we have sex. I feel good when I am with you. Also I love
your breasts, they are so young ! your mouth, all give a unique feeling."
- French regular client

"Hello Lena, a thought for you and your tenderness, your gentle and feminie 
allure as I want to make love to you. I have found you very attractive. Your 
breasts are so sweet, smooth, firm. I like to touch them. I wish you good night 
and stop talking because otherwise I will not sleep!"
- French regular client

"Hello Lena , I hope you had a good day. For me it was super! Every time we
 make love I'm in good shape the next morning!"
- French regular client

"Hello Lena, thanks again for the lovely evening that I enjoyed very much! xx"
- client from London

"It's funny. Now that I wake up in this large comfortable bed, I really am having 
fantasies about you. Thanks for last night. x"
- client from the UK after a one-hour hotel visit

"You are my first good experience in Paris."
- submissive client from Southern Europe

"Hello Lena, I hope you're back well, I found your face very pretty, your eyes bright, 
your intelligent expression, your make-up perfect; it was very pleasant. Also I love
to kiss your breasts, as it is intimate révélation..."
- French client

"Lena – Thanks. Looking forward to more talk, touch and learning."
- English client

"This is to confirm our appointment for this Thursday, usual time, usual place. 
Sadly, this will be our last meeting. It's been three and a half years and now my 
company wants me back in the UK. I will be sorry to leave Paris, especially not 
to be able to see you any more."
- regular client from the UK

"Lena, Thank you once more for a lovely time yesterday and for all the 
meetings over the last three years. I have really enjoyed our time together 
and will miss you. I hope we can find some way to meet up in the future."
- the same regular client from the UK after our last meeting

"Merci pour ta gentillesse et ta disponibilité. Le temps passé avec toi 
est toujours très agréable. Alors je t'attends avec impatience."
- French regular client

"Dear Lena, Warm thanks for such a lovely meeting and interesting 
conversation on Thursday afternoon! You were so generous with your 
time and your answers to my questions. I really appreciate your openness 
and your graciousness with me. And, it was great to be able to see Paris 
from le tour Montparnasse. Thank you for treating me! I've been thinking 
about our discussion and have enjoyed processing all the things we talked about. 
Best wishes …"
- female client/friend after an hour of discussing sex and relationships in a café

"Many thanks for a lovely afternoon on Sunday. As usual, I enjoyed 
your company tremendously!"
- regular client from the US

"Je voulais te remercier pour la journée très agréable que nous avons 
passée ensemble. J'ai été enchanté d'avoir le temps de discuter avec toi 
et de te connaitre davantage. Je te remercie pour le souvenir que tu m'as 
laissé. Vraiment (je me répète) j'ai envie de te revoir très vite !!!! Je te fais 
de gros bisous et à bientôt."
- French regular client

"Sexy as ever!"
- regular client from the Middle East

"Hello Lena, when I meet you I feel lighter the next day, as more young!
 It is a real therapy! I love to make love to you, feel your lips, look at them, 
look at your white skin, feel my sex in your body long time, this is a strange
feeling that prints my brain. I like this feeling."
- French regular client

"Dear Lena, I really enjoyed the time we have had together, talking 
friendly, making love with tenderness: definitely, a second round is 
necessary as soon as I'm back. Hugs and kisses."
- client from the US after a dinner date with private time

"Lena, Thanks for stopping by, it was wonderful, and definitely 
worth the anticipation. You are a special girl and you made me 
feel at ease in every way. I look forward to seeing you again."
- client from the US after a one-hour hotel visit

"Dear Madame Lena, Thank you for your visit and also for all your 
helpful suggestions Madame for improving its massaging skills. It is 
sorry for not having done a good job in the first place Madame. It e
njoyed serving you Madame and would like to thank you again for 
your time."
- submissive client after a one-hour session

"You are a sophisticated blend of culture, beauty, and eroticism 
in a way that is unparalleled. From the moment you walked into 
my door welcoming me, I knew that you were different as a 
companion - more a courtesan of the yore. Your intelligence was 
sparkling and your smile radiant and your touch was relaxing. 
I immensely enjoyed your skills as a lover, especially your oral job 
and the deep kisses with tongue. It was a dream to take you from 
your shapely behind and have no words to describe adequately the 
climax you took me to. With your exceptional skills, looks, intelligence 
and caring disposition, you would make your way into the heart of 
any companion! I hope we will meet again. It will be a special pleasure 
for me and I am already planning my long journey to be with you again!"
- client from South Asia after a two-hour hotel visit

"Dear Lena, Thank you very much for a terrific evening last night. 
It makes such a change to meet someone I can have an intelligent 
conversation with and not have to tell them what every word means!! 
You are truly a very talented lady and quite an artist at what you do ;-) 
I will be in touch again and we can share some wine and other things 
again, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did last night. With my very 
fondest wishes to a lovely person and a terrific lover. Warmest and 
kindest regards."
- client from the UK after a two-hour hotel meeting

"Hi Lena, Thanks for the text message yesterday!! For me it was an 
amazing experience with you, and I am really looking forward to seeing 
you again on the weekend ... I'm getting excited at the thought of it already! 
You realise that I am not going to sleep between now and Saturday 
afternoon in anticipation of our next meeting!!!!"
- regular client

"Dear Miss Lena, Meilleurs Voeux pour la Nouvelle Année pour vous et 
vos proches!... Just dream being under your feet or between your legs! 
Just love them so much … Hope all is going well for you. Best Wishes!"
- submissive French client

"Thanks Lena, it was truly great."
- client from the Netherlands after a one-hour meeting

"Hi Lena, we met a year or more ago - you kindly took me to some clubs, 
but that was not the best bit of the evening! I am back soon again for one 
night and I would love to see you again."
- client from the UK

"Hi Lena ! Just wanted to thank you for the time we spent together. It was 
a pleasure meeting you and your soft hands touching my body made me really 
relaxed. I do hope we can meet again."
- client from Scandinavia after a two-hour meeting

"Dear Lena, A quick note to say thanks! It was great to meet you, wonderful 
to talk about Paris, art, people we know, all to arrive at a very wild ending! 
I feel great today :-) Hope to see you again some time. Thanks again, and 
have a wonderful weekend."
- client from Japan after a one-hour meeting

"Lena, thank you for a wonderful time Friday afternoon! You looked great 
and as usual, I had a stimulating and relaxing couple of hours with you. You 
are a beautiful, elegant and thoughtful woman and I very much enjoy our time 
together. I look forward to seeing you again on an upcoming trip to Paris. All 
the best …"
- regular client from the US

"Hi Lena, I am still soaked in the experience. You relaxed me so much that I 
have hardly any inclination to think of or do anything else...."
- regular client

"Good morning Lena, Once again I must thank you for a wonderful afternoon. 
As always it was very enjoyable and I do look forward to the next one. Fondest 
- regular client from the UK

"J'ai passé deux superbes heures avec Lena, très GFE, et très intelligente, Lena
ne manque pas de conversations et celles ci sont vraiment de qualité. Lena vous
laissera penser pendant tout le rapport que vous êtes l'amant parfait. Social time
très intéressant car cette femme n'est vraiment pas stupide. Un massage merveilleux.
C'est une superbe GFE, et coté sexe on peut dire qu'elle sait apprécier le coté
courtois de l'homme. Pour ma part je pense avoir été très doux avec elle et Lena
me l'a bien rendu. Une femme pas du tout chrono, très bonne fellatrice (couverte),
plusieurs positions, une levrette excellente, bref la parfaite compagne sexuelle.
Bref, un très bon moment que je vous recommande, j'ai pas pu assurer une 2ème
fois, mais c'était proposé. N'hésitez pas à lui demander la tenue de votre choix,
elle fera tout pour vous satisfaire. Une femme très bien, et à respecter (car elle
vous respectera et c pas le cas de tout le monde) a bon entendeur. En un mot :
PARFAIT. Lena, je t'envoie pleins de tendre baisers."
- French client after a two-hour hotel visit

"Lena, Last Saturday was very, very beautiful. What a way to end the year! If its
OK with you, I would like to meet again next year."
- Irish client after a two-hour hotel visit

"Lena, Thank you so much for last night, it was lovely. xxx"
- client from the UK after a one-hour home visit

“I'll say this... I met up with her in Paris ... she's gorgeous... an angel. She's tall, blonde, amazing breasts (wow), very sexy legs, but what really impressed me is this: she's ever so sweet and gentle. I went through a bad divorce several years ago ... and hadn't
been with anyone since... I was visiting Paris.. wrote her, she wrote back ...
we talked in emails... i told her my fantasies... she made every fantasy
come to life... But it was her gentle touch and soft kisses that I thought were special.
Afterwards we talked... and just lay together.... she's very intelligent, wise, and
has a great sense of humor. She offers great companionship.... and amazing intimacy.
I now know how much I've been missing sexually. She restored confidence in me,
and helped me realize 'life moves on.' She is an inspiration.”
- American client after a two-hour hotel visit

“What a surprise to see that you have noted this day .... what can I do for you...!?
For that! You make me really happy and I appreciate the quality of our relation.
It makes me think that everything changes between human beings with the quality
of relations. I found it in you by making love of course, but not only for the sex but
also little things like this. It is in fact a reason to like the life. Je vous embrasse très
très fort, ...I say this in French because I have to.”
- French regular client after I sent him a note on his name day (fête)

“You have a really lovely body.”
- client from the UK after a massage outcall

“At the moment, no women I met can provide what you provide to me. I must not
only be under the "charme" of the sweet smily Lena but push her to tell me what is
behind "this smile". Being close to u, feeling u, kissing u, seeing and hearing u again
will be more for me than the good moments I had with any other women.”
- French regular client

« Coucou Léna, j'espère que tu as passé un bon moment avec moi. C'était super,
merci beaucoup... On se reverra pour un second rendez-vous quand la nouvelle
paie sera tombée d'accord?! »
- French client after a one-hour outcall

“From the so short moment we are together, and the way you provide important
moral support and pieces of advice I see the Lena "psychologist", full of attention
for me, kind and patient. The one who feels the difficulties I have with women, too
many fantasies and so little possibility to realize them. From the first meeting up to
the last, I never felt that you may lose patience when I am far from "living completely"
the moment and you are doing your best to rise me to the pleasure.”
- French client combating ED

“You are a class act.”
- client from the Middle East

“Your beauty is something I will carry with me forever. I also found you very well
schooled, wise, happy and intelligent. The oral pleasure you gave was the best I've
ever had, nice consistent pressure, no feeling of teeth. Looking down on you and
seeing your amazing breasts, feeling the little shoulder straps, looking over you at
your sexy back and looking at your nice ass just totally turned me on. And your
technique of stroking was great too. Hehe ok I need a cold shower now. ;)”
- client from the US after a three-hour outcall to his hotel

“Who is Lena? From the beginning I am speaking of a "relationship in the limits of
a certain agreement" but the reality is different because I want to be each time
(my seducer side) closer, my addiction to Lena being stronger after each meeting.
I must tell you that after meeting you, when I must accept that you are away, there
is a sort of internal happiness, like if something really important or exciting happened
to me ..... I feel ZEN! But let's go back to the question... Who is Lena? From our
emails I feel another Lena. Someone probably closer than I expect, someone who
may be either enhancing my addiction or expressing the feelings she has for me. Maybe I
am reading your messages in the way that my understanding is satisfying my feelings.
Sure, I can remember only what is feeding the "proudness of the seducer" (or enhance
my addiction to you). Again, who is Lena? I am addicted to you, please strengthen my
addiction, I expect that you feel that I want to give you back more than what is agreed
when we meet.”
- French regular client

“Thanks for your visit. You started me off on the road to recovery. Very good.”
- client from the UK after a one-hour outcall

“Bonsoir Lena, What a good day I have passed today, woke up at 6H in real
good form.....that's your therapy ! You have always this effect on me, that's really
curious, I like it, really. You make me so happy after sex, in real good form ! So, I
hope you have always liked our meetings, and the way that I have make love
to you. I'm thinking again about your sweet face and your tender kisses, I like
also your hand on my skin.”
- regular client analyzing his feelings after one of our meetings

“Dear Lena, I take some time before going to sleep to tell you how much you
give me enjoyment when you made love, it is incredible! I feel very light and joyful,
it is an incredible force that you have. I would indeed have to liked to speak more
with you but the time missed us. I like to speak with you, your face is full of expressions.
So I wish you a good night and good days to come!”
- regular client

« Mon grand amour de grande Maitresse, je vous remercie de votre visite et
de la grande passion qui passe entre nous. Je suis tout a vous. »
- French BDSM client after a two-hour home visit

“What I rediscovered with you is the tenderness of sex. It encouraged me to
try again. And seeing you having a good time was a real turn on. I will never
forget our evening.”
- American client after a two hour meeting

“Hi Lena, Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed our meeting
last week. I look forward to more of the same.”
- American client after a one-hour hotel visit

“For these moments we are sharing you always establish the needed complicity
with ease. You know more than I do the limit, but you may accept the idea that
at the moment I have very often thought for you and even if I am careful to limit
our meetings you are probably the one that brings me more than some moment
of pleasure. When I am with you, what I think about is: being close to you, touching
and kissing you, seeing your kind eyes on me, hearing the sweetness of your voice,
feeling your hands on me and beeing like a child in your arms.... All that is pleasure,
not as deep as it could be, but with your kindness I feel a real pleasure every minute
we are together. The next meeting is not far. I am pleased to have this relationship.
I am pleased to read your messages, pleased to be under the charm of a sweet person
like you.”
- French regular client

“Hello my dear Lena , I wish you all the best in this year because you are sexy,
honest, reliable & a very educated lady. I hope I can meet you soon.”
- client from the Middle East (four months after the first meeting)

“Dear Lena, while we did exchange mails, I haven't sent a mail which I should
have done immediately after coming back to India and our meeting. I am extremely
sorry for the same. I am really thankful to you for spending so much time with me
while I was in Paris and accommodating me on short notices. It was wonderful
and I carry very good memories of our visit. It was different exciting
discoveries for me during those three days when we met. While I liked the swinger
club experience very much, I may not have liked domination too much. However
all these did give me a lot of new exposure. I know that I do not need to be in your city
as frequently but I do plan to see you again on my next trip to Europe
even if it is for a day just to meet you and spend some more learning and enjoying time
with you. I do hope that you remember me.”
- client from India after outcalls for three consecutive days

“You have the most wonderful breasts.”
- client from Italy

“Hello Lena, I hope that you spent a good day. At noon, I ate a big crepe, with jam,
eggs and cheese! and a coke, I was very hungry. And I thought of our rdv, and,
in your hands on me, I like it so much. The day after our rdv is always particular.
I'm feeling really good and I seem to enjoy my meals more!”
- French regular client

“Vénérable Maîtresse, Merci pour votre message qui me va droit au cœur. Je
pense très fort et souvent a vous. J'ai hâte de vous revoir !”
- French BDSM client after a two-hour outcall

“Lena, let me compliment you on your web site, it is well laid out and very tasteful.
You are definitely a very sensuous and desirable woman, and one that any man
would be fortunate to have the company of. I knew immediately when I talked to you
on the phone that you would be a wonderful person to be with.”
- American client after a two-hour meeting

“Dear Lena, It is a long time that I didn't write to you, but be sure I used to think
of you a lot. You did something with me that put me under your control. I was
back in town last week, I hesitated to contact you ... because I am afraid that if I see
you again I would be too dependant on you (sometime I would like to, but sometime
I am afraid of that!)... I loved your nyloned feet & shoes. And the face-sitting was
really great (maybe a little too short!). And you, what do you think? Do you agree
to have me under your feet one more time? I strongly hope you will reply yes!”
- French fetish client after our first meeting

“I told you you were the prettiest woman I've been with - and that's true. No woman
as sexy, tall and blonde as you has ever considered spending time with me. And not
only that. You have nice breasts (wow!), nice legs (which by the way looked great in
stockings and garters - omg!! and kind eyes. You look divine. You were the best
experience I've ever had.”
- American client after a two-hour meeting

"Thank you for an excellent, joyful time. Paris looked so much more attractive with you."
- American after a three-hour erotic sightseeing tour

"Thank you so very much for your wonderful company, Lena ... I loved the evening...
every moment...your boyfriend is a very lucky guy. Thank you for giving something
of yourself to me, and to be absolutely sure: You will see me again."
- client from the UK after a three-hour hotel visit

"I want to thank you very, very much for the wonderful time I had with you. I
experienced a fantastic evening in the company of a charming woman and I loved
every moment of it. Your sweet disposition and affection are indeed memorable.
The fact that we had interesting conversations spiced it up even more. You really
lived up to your description. Thank you for being generous with your time and your
kindness. I indeed found a real friend."
- North American client after a six-hour erotic sightseeing tour and hotel visit

"Once again you sent me to a seventh heaven with your delicate and sensuous touch.
I don't know how you do it so well every time but you would be very rich if you
could put it in a bottle and sell it."
- client from the UK after a one-hour sensual massage

"So the dream is over.... or better the phantasy has been fulfilled. At least for
the moment, because I know myself and I will look out towards an opportunity to
repeat this. Thanks for willing to be my "girlfriend" for one day. The experience was
very positive. Although the activity in the swingers club was low, I could see how it
works and I was pleasantly surprised to see how you caressed one Lady's nipples
and pussy. I must admit that I liked to follow you in it. Next time I contact you and
we plan for activities, we may elaborate on this. Now on you.... Amazing how quickly
I felt comfortable with you and how we could openly talk. Again, this will help to make
a next encounter even more enjoyable. Thank you for letting me live my phantasy!"
- client from the Benelux countries after a 24-hour stay including a swinger club visit

"I also like your personality and your intellect - you are just a perfect lady."
- client from the Middle East after an erotic sightseeing tour

“It was a great time with you. I hope to see you soon. You are intelligent,
passionate and a wonderful companion. Thank you for making such a wonderful
- client from the US after an overnight stay

“Dear Lena, Well back home from my trip to Paris. The best memory of it was
my meeting with you. You were so good and I really mean it. Your boyfriend
is very lucky to have you. I do look forward to meeting you again.”
- client from Scandinavia after several hotel visits

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed you the person and you the woman,
who has a great deal of sexual sensitivity and knowhow. I wanted you to know
that about two years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and that
is the main reason that I have more difficulty than before having orgasms.
My medication takes care of most of the symptoms, but the sexual dysfunction
was the first to be affected, and seems to be the most difficult to "cure".
However, orgasms do occur, but it takes just the right circumstances, which
are, as you might suspect, not the same from one time to another. I truly
had a most enjoyable time, and look forward to the next time we can get
- client after two meetings

“Sachez que j'apprécie énormément vos tenues "sexy class", si j'ose
m'exprimer ainsi. Pour moi, une femme se doit d'être très féminine,
jusqu'aux escarpins et dessous "coquins". L'important n'est pas de montrer,
mais de suggerer.... Votre charme est indiscutable et je suis extrèmement
sensible à ce raffinement sexy que vous portez si élégamment.”
- client after a one-hour home visit

“Lena, Thank you for your charming company yesterday, the wonderful club
experience and the steaming goodbye of last night. Enjoyed every minute of
- client after an overnight stay including a swinger club visit

“I just came back to the US last night ... still suffering from Jet Lag ... I
wanted to let you know that I had wonderful time with you last Friday night
and I felt that we really got along well. Please stay in touch and I look
forward to meeting up with you some time soon.”
- client from the US after a swinger club visit

“Dear Lena, It's nearly one week till we met. I want to summarize the
feelings I had since then. First, immediately after our meeting I
experienced some sort of quietness and fullness. After we parted, I had a
beer in a café not far from the hotel thinking and remembering the past
hour. I felt real satisfaction because physically you are close to the
images I was having before the meeting, and you behave and manage all this
in the best way. Especially regarding the mixed feelings I had before (and
while I confessed them to you….). I do not know if you studied psychology,
but your ability to manage these feelings and guide me through this
experience is quite an achievement. I can say that it had a significant
effect in the following days when my wife and I had sex. You and I will meet
again, on my side that's sure, first because you are a beautiful desirable
person, second because I must overcome some difficulties to be as cool as
necessary and achieve completely my sexual desires and dreams. Thanks for
all this, “pure honey”.”
- French client after a one-hour hotel visit

“Je suis très heureux Léna , mon plaisir est grand parce que tu es
disponible. Je t'attends avec impatience car comme tu le sais c'est toi qui
m'as remis sur les "rails" des choses de l'Amour et que tu as grandement
contribué à mon nouvel équilibre, certainement que cet équilibrage a
contribué à ma réussite. Je t'embrasse du fond du Cœur.”
- client from France

“I wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful couple of hours recently. It
was the most erotic and memorable time I have spent with a woman in a long
time, and you boosted my belief in myself. I must see you again soon, and
although I don't have the opportunity to come over very often, I will
definitely make plans so that hopefully we can spend some more lovely time
together. Meeting you and looking at your website makes me realise what a
sheltered and dull sex life I have led. There are so many types of
experiences I have never had, and next time we meet perhaps you can show me
more of what I have missed.”
- client from the UK after a two-hour hotel visit

“You are a very attractive women, clever, lovely smile, clear eyes and
obviously very sensual. You also are a sensitive woman, which makes you
attractive and attracts me to you. I noticed it in your first messages even
before having seen you. Your spirit gives “envie” to touch you, to caress
you. By the way, the hotel where we met is also very particular, it is a
good choice which I appreciated. You are very thoughtful with me and I feel
in confidence with you. Sometimes I think of your skin under my hands and I
want to make love to you but... it is necessary to wait a little!”
- client after two meetings

“Though we met only once I somehow feel extremely fond of you and hold very
dear memories of you in my heart, mind and other parts of the body. Hope to
see you again soon. Do feel more than welcome to escape part of the European
winter by bringing your dear self over to the warmth of India and me.
Bless you Lena.”
- client from India after a two-hour hotel visit (two years later ....)

“I can hardly wait until we meet again.”
- client from the US after a one-hour outcall to his hotel

“Bonjour Lena, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time that we spent
together on Thursday afternoon. You are truly GFE. Thank you for all of your
advice and pleasure. Merci beaucoup!”
- client from the US after a two-hour hotel visit

“Bonsoir Lena, I hope that you are very well, I just want to tell you that I
appreciate a lot our last meeting. Life does not leave us the time to
express all that would be necessary, so I need to tell you that I am very
well with you, I make love with all my body to you I really have the
sensation that it is not only made by my sex. I like the sweetness of your
skin, the sweetness of your personality. I like to be with you. Have a good
night Lena.”
- client after another get together in our favourite hotel

"Bonsoir Léna , je suis très heureux de ton coup de téléphone, ceci prouve
que nous pouvons avoir des rapports d'Amitié et de ceci j'en suis très fier
car je te dois beaucoup, la confiance en moi retrouvée, compte tenu des
nombreux contacts que tu dois avoir par ton activité, je ne pensais pas
qu'il fut possible que tu prêtes la moindre attention à aucune de tes
relations "professionnelles " je me suis trompé et t' "aime" beaucoup pour
cela. Dis moi quand nous pouvons nous voir, ce sera pour mon plus grand
- client from France

“Hi Lena, Hope u r well and in good health. It has been a long time since I
heard of u and I really miss the good times we had in summer. How r u doing
??? Hope u can write back to me since I will be back soon. Need to see
u!!! Love and kisses”
- client from the Near East one year after our first meeting

„Hi Lena, Es war sehr schön, Dich zu treffen und ich habe unsere
Zeit sehr genossen. Ich wünsche Dir nachträglich ein frohes Fest und im
Voraus einen Guten Rutsch. Möge Dir im nächsten Jahr alles gelingen, was Du
Dir vorgenommen hast! Liebe Grüsse“
- client from Central Europe after a two-hour outcall to his hotel

« Ta compagnie a été fantastique et je pense déjà à mon prochain voyage sur Paris!!!(smile) »
- client from North Africa after a dinner date

“Hello Lena , I recall our very sweet meeting in early November. Would u
like us to arrange another meeting in the same hotel? If u feel, like me,
that our first meeting went very respectful, well and sweet, I'll be very
pleased to read u very soon in response. Bisous!”
- VIP client from the Near East

“Our meeting last year had been sincere and fun. So I promise that I will
send an e-mail as soon as possible with potential dates because I would very
much like to have the pleasure of meeting you again. I truly look forward to
a delicious exchange in your company.”
- regular client from the US a year after our first date

« Merci Léna, tu es bien la femme que j'espérais rencontrer et ne souhaite
qu'une chose, te revoir car ton aide m'a été précieuse, tu es belle,
gentille, de très bonne compagnie et cultivée. Il est évident pour moi que
te revoir sera un très grand plaisir!!!! Tendres Baisers, ton ami …”
- client from France

“Hello Lena, a sweet little message to you on this grey Sunday....I was
thinking that I feel like making love to you, to explore you ... We had no
time to speak during our meeting, but I hope that you understand my way of
honouring you - the "body language"... I appreciated a lot your clothing
specially the necklace ... very sexy! Always your "gentillesse", your sweet
face, your attention with me, it's very agréable, I love to meet you. It is
a peace moment during which I think only to make love to you. Have a good
week, Lena”
- regular client

“Dear Lena, WUNDERBAR! After our "rendez-vous galant", and a good rest I
want to tell you my joy and how delighted I am after having realised with
you a part of my dream. Your way to manage these moments were each time the
best possible one, and this is the main reason for me to fully appreciate
and be satisfied. Also, I have now memorised the beautiful "rondeurs" and
taste of your exciting body. I won't forget your softness, sensuality and
these smily eyes. Yesterday I said that this is the best therapy, and this
also means we are in a friendly relationship based on an agreement.
Yesterday's complicity between us, the level of pleasure sharing, was for me
something I did not expect. If you are sincerely "delighted" to see me, I am
each time more than this, if you remember I said in french "fier comme un
bar-tabac" wich means "very very proud" (as a man can be...). Many thanks
"honey Lena". Many kisses …”
- regular client who was combating erectile dysfunction

“Good evening Lena, I hope that you had a good day, I want to tell you again
that I feel really good the day after I have make love with you - I'm
thinking about you simply with satisfaction. To know you, votre gentillesse,
votre are giving me a lot. Many kisses again”
- French client

“Dear Lena, Warm thanks for your visit. I enjoyed your company and those
instants very much. Your kindness and sensuousness were particularly
soothing... I wish you a wonderful Easter Holiday. Hope that you will enjoy
my little gift. On my way back home .. Warm Kisses”
- client from the US

“Hi Lena, I'm thinking about you....simply as an intelligent woman, and I
like intelligent women, it's more interesting and the sex relation is more
intense... But it is not however my custom to do so. We have no time to
speak a lot (I'm so hungry of you) but I think that we would have many
things to exchange between us. I love your company and I feel quiet with
you. This weekend I am going to remain quiet and work. That's not funny !
Real hot kisses with affection!”
- regular client

“Dear Lena, I enjoyed reading your answer honey... Your kindness and support
(care for me, I should say) enhance the pleasure of our relationship. Am I
addicted to you honey? It's a risk (for me!) but you are there to remind me
of the limits...... Will I decide to see you again? For sure, I need it. My
"quest" for sensual, erotic and hot moment is at the moment in your hand
(understand you are able to help me...) requiring at the same time your
kindness and your excitement. Your "rondeurs sensuelles" I desire, the
caress and kisses I want to provide to these sweet "friandises", your arms
around me, the taste of your lips,..... all these are in my mind, sometimes
in my dreams... For sure we will meet again, and we will achieve again
"pleasurable moments together" and I wish that "you wish" the same. A moment
of deep feelings, sensuality and shared pleasures. Looking forward to this
....... Warm kisses to you Lena”
- client combating erectile dysfunction

“Just the fact of writing to you already gives me “envie” to make love to
you! It's your magic power!!”
- regular client

"What a lovely meeting. Lena, you are so nice."
- client after a one-hour date

"Am at Bombay where the weather is Divine for a change. Between 16 and 27
degrees. Just perfect to cuddle up with you and make love with you my dear.
Thank you so much once again for your message and for your concern my dear
one. I am deeply touched that in a world where people think only about money
one does find some human warmth and kindness here and there from time to
time. A long deep kiss to your secret garden and other lovely places and may
God bless You. Kisses to a tall, elegant, charming, classy and delicious
Angel from Paris."
- VIP client from India

“Danke wunderschöne liebliche Lena, You spent with me more time than any of
our previous meetings and this is a pleasure (a gift) for me. The way you
listen to me, your kindness and "présence" (your are really sharing with me
these moments..) are to me enjoyable and valuable moments. Maybe you feel
it, I must tell and assess more that even if my search is for sensual and
hot moments with a beauty as you, this requires a relationship and
complicity. You know (you feel?) what I really need, you respond to me and
act in a way I really appreciate.”
- regular client

“Hi Lena, Thanks for the wonderful time we shared.”
- client from the Far East after a one-hour outcall to his hotel

“Dear Lena, Some would say "I enjoyed" or "I spent a good moment", but Alain
says to u dear Lena GREAT or WOUAAAAAOUUUUUUUUHHH! Yes sweet
Lena, these so short moments we spent together are raising so many pleasures and
good feelings that I need to write this and share this with u. Yesterday I
appreciate that u kindly joined me earlier and we spent one moment
discussing my new life. Yesterday u established so easily the conditions for
me to be "in" the moment and your sensual and sweet person let me feel
confident. I had a new opportunity to achieve something and the pleasures we
shared were total, as close as it can be in my dreams. Your pretty face,
your body shaking under the pleasure of my carress, your eyes, all that
enhanced my pleasure and as far as I felt tired in the evening, my head full
of these moments, I was feeling completely "cool" or "zen". Maybe it's
unusual, maybe some would find this ridiculous, but I must tell u how much
this provides me a real and total feeling of pleasure, how much I appreciate
these meetings, how much u are a beautiful mix of kindness, sensualness and
intelligence. Hearing the sound of your voice, touching your beautiful soft
skin, feeling your hands on my sex so soft, so perfect in rhythm and
pressure dosing, all that I enjoyed so much, all that is kept in my memory.
Addicted to Lena? Yes, today Alain is "totalement sous le charme".... Warm
kisses to u Lena”
- regular client combating erectile dysfunction (name changed)
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