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Frequently asked questions

    • How can I approach you for more information or to arrange a meeting? For information, feel free to contact me via email, a whatsapp chat or a regular phone call. Thank you for taking the time to read my website in advance. If you would like to arrange a meeting however, please communicate via SMS, phone call or whatsapp chat. I cannot accept bookings done by email only.  
      Contact: Pour des renseignements, je suis joignable par email, whatsapp chat ou appel téléphonique classique. Merci de prendre le temps de lire les infos sur mon site avant de prendre contact. Pour arranger un RV merci de communiquer par SMS, appel ou whatsapp chat. Je ne peux pas accepter des RV arrangés uniquement par email.

    • What kind of information may I ask for when contacting you? Feel free to ask for any fact-bound information regarding my services and availability but don't expect me to describe erotic scenarios or inquire about my private life.
      Communication: N'hésitez pas à me demander des renseignements concernant mes services. Par contre, je ne propose pas des emails/entretiens érotiques et je ne réponds pas non plus aux questions concernant ma vie privée.

    • When can I speak to you directly? My phone is open from 10 am to 8 pm. I do not answer the phone when I am booked or can't have a discreet conversation. If you can't reach me please feel free to try again a little later. 
      Appel: En général, je suis joignable pour un appel de 10h jusqu'à 20h.

    • What kind of services do you offer? I offer classic GFE companionship, massage, dinner dates and swinger club visits. I would also be available for active soft domination (I dominate, and I don't switch). I don't offer anything unsafe. If in doubt, feel free to ask me what is acceptable and what is not.
      Prestations: Je propose des prestations classiques, type girlfriend, ainsi que le massage, la domination soft (je dominerai) et des accompagnements pour un diner ou une soirée club.  

    • How much advance notice do you need? One or more days' notice usually works best. Since a good number of dates are prearranged I can't always accomodate shorter notice requests. It may work on days when I am free but I would still ask for at least three hours advance notice.
      La prise de RV fonctionne mieux si c'est fait un ou quelques jours en avance ou, au minimum, trois heures en avance si je suis libre.

    • What times are you available for a meeting? I am available from noon until late at night but my latest arrival time for a one-hour meeting is 8 pm, for longer meetings 9 pm. Kindly note that I am not on standby as a night escort. 
      Disponibilité: Je suis dispo de midi jusqu'à tard, mais mon temps d'arrivée le plus tard pour un RV d'une heure sera 20h et pour des RV plus longues 21h. Je ne suis ni une escorte de nuit ni en alerte continuée pour des RV. 

    • Do you have an incall location? No, I visit only. If a meeting is not possible in your hotel room/home feel free to book a hotel room just for our meeting.
      Lieu de rencontre: Je ne recois pas, je me déplace.

    • What do you need from me to confirm a meeting? First of all, I would need the name and address of your hotel, your room number and your mobile phone number. Unfortunately the amount of fake bookings means that the honour system doesn't work anymore. So additional verification is now necessary. So I would ask for a photo of your room card key (with hotel name and/or room number on it), or a phone call from a hotel land line phone. You could call me, or I could call you. This is to ensure that you are in fact where you say you are. For longer meetings, all evening meetings (even one hour dates), meetings out of town and FMTY arrangements a deposit would also be asked for.  

    • Can you send more (unblurred/explicit/recent) photos or same-day selfies? Please base your decision on my gallery pics, my feedback and my general presentation. Whilst I don't send out any additional or more explicit photos, I sometimes post new/recent pics or selfies on my twitter account: @meet_lena.
      Photos: Merci de baser votre décision pour un RV sur la présentation générale et les photos fournies sur ce site. Je n'accepte pas des demandes pour des photos supplémentaires ou plus explicites. 

    • Can we meet for a cup of coffee to get to know each other? I do not accept first meetings in public places or "for a cup of coffee". Le premier RV: Je n'accepte pas des premiers RV pour prendre un verre ou dans les lieus publics.

    • Is your fee negotiable? No, the amount of my donation is not up to discussion. If you try to renegotiate my rates you will not hear back from me. 
      RèglementLe montant de mes honoraires ne se discute pas. Je ne réponderai pas aux tentatives de renegotiation. 

    • What kind of payment do you accept? I only accept cash. Thanks for leaving my fee in an open envelope in a visible place at the beginning of our meeting. Please don't make me ask for it.
      Règlement: Placez s.v.p. votre règlement à ma vue au debut de notre rencontre. Je n'accepte que des espèces.

    • Do you "party", i.e. consume recreational substances with a client? Hard no. If this is an essential part of the experience you are looking for, I am not the right companion for you. Consommation des substances illicites: Je ne consomme pas des substances illicites. 

    • Do you accept travel arrangements? Yes, with screening and a deposit. Please ask me for details.  

    • Is there anything you don't accept in a meeting? Yes. Any attempts at boundary pushing, rude language or aggressive behaviour would result in me leaving immediately. 

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